Some sounds can’t be unheard.

Driving a car with a low ground clearance means even the slightest undulation or unevenness in the pavement can be a grave cause for concern. Full-blown speed bumps are beasts unto themselves – the stuff of nightmares for certain car owners. A suspension with a higher ride height would normally gobble up any bumps in the road, instead of allowing the car to scrape along the pavement, damaging the car – but every car has its limits. This Bugatti Chiron owner embarrassingly discovers just how low his hypercar is.

With a crowd watching, the driver of the white and black Chiron doesn’t have much room to take the otherwise mild unevenness between two pieces of pavement, which could have easily been handled at a much safer angle had he had space. Instead, the driver has to take it straight on, causing the front lip or some other underbody part to make contact with the road and emit a painfully agonizing scraping sound. The driver stops for just a split second before driving onward. Thankfully, the only contact made was the brief initial scraping. We wouldn’t be eager to look underneath, and the driver certainly wasn’t getting out to check for any damage with everyone looking.

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Even the tiniest bit of damage could carry a hefty price tag, especially in a car where normal maintenance costs likely run into five figures before the decimal. Replacing a front splitter or other underbody bit or panel can only be equally as expensive. Granted, dropping roughly $3 million or more on a Chiron likely means you have the cash for such extra costs.

If anything, the brief video shows that not even one of the most expensive hypercars in the world can provide a worry-free ownership experience, proving every vehicle has its drawbacks. Some are easier to live with than others are. The Chiron’s just happens to be uneven road surfaces. We would have no problem making sacrifices to own one.

Source: Carscoops

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