Applicants should have curly hair and a track record of breaking things.

Motoring aficionados, The Grand Tour is hiring for a temporary presenter! At least, we think The Grand Tour is hiring, based on this job description we found posted at Amazon. A specific television program isn’t listed for the gig, beyond the description that the company’s video division is looking to hire someone to host “an original TV series to be seen around the world.” 

Admittedly that could apply to many programs at Amazon Prime, but considering other details that suggest applicants should know about “cars, metaphors and progressive rock music,” and would be joining a team of “variously sized co-hosts” tends to narrow things down. Also, the job description is very clear in the beginning that this is a temporary gig while someone recovers from pneumonia. Wonder who that could be.


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So, either Jeremy Clarkson’s recent bout with pneumonia was much worse than anyone thought, or someone at Amazon with a dry sense of humor thought it would be amusing to advertise for a Clarkson replacement. Perhaps the only healthy co-host left standing, literally. Perhaps a co-host whose name rhymes with Tames Hay.

That’s complete speculation on our part, but given what we know about the Jeremy Clarkson / James May dynamic, the passage in the ad describing job duties as “accidentally setting things on fire, handling heavy machinery (badly) and being able to bloody-mindedly argue a point that no one will ever agree” sure sounds like something May would say. Seriously, read that with his voice in your mind.


James May


Of course, this is just a fun little poke at the recent events which have affected production on season two of Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour. Richard Hammond’s crash back in June followed by Jeremy Clarkson’s recent (and legitimately serious) bout with pneumonia have taken a toll on the upcoming season, though it’s still not known to what extent. If we’re honest, it’s a brilliant, simple, and amusing way to grab a bit of positive PR from the recent negative setbacks.

If, however, Amazon is serious, we strongly suggest hiring two temporary presenters. After all, Hammond recently filmed himself behind the wheel for the first time since he crashed, and it was in a freaking Ford Mustang of all things. There's no way that can end well.

Source: Amazon

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