Almost 50 years ago to the day, Bruce McLaren completed his reign of the Can-Am racing series, taking home wins in all but one race while behind the wheel of his M6A race car. Equipped with a Chevy big blog V8 and as much as 525 horsepower (391 kilowatts) on tap, the M6A was design by Bruce McLaren, with the help of Robin Herd, Gordon Coppuck, Tyler Alexander, and Don Beresford.

In an effort to honor that 50-year anniversary, McLaren has released the iconic M6A on the track at Donington Park in the U.K. Behind the wheel is Richard Meaden of MotorSport Magazine – and the car sounds absolutely intoxicating on the track.

Gallery: McLaren M6A Can-Am

The Chevy big block engine, aided by a McLaren-developed fuel-injection system, is able to easily manage the 1,355-pound (614-kilogam) curb weight. The body is sculpted atop a monocoque chassis, the first ever developed by McLaren, with design-work shaped specifically to increase downforce on the Can-Am circuits. Goodyear tires, meanwhile, help keep the car well-sorted in the corners. 

The M6A was first run at Goodwood Circuit following its completion in 1967, where Bruce McLaren and his team racked up more than 2,000 miles (3,218 kilometers) of testing in preparation for the upcoming season. The car pictured here is one of just three M6As completed, all of which were shipped to North America in preparation for their racing debut late in 1967, and wears a signature McLaren Orange finish, the first ever McLaren to do so.

The M6A was eventually replaced by the M8A in 1968, which saw similar success on the track. Still, it remains an icon on the track nonetheless. Watch and listen to this impressive machine as it barrels around Donington Park.

Source: McLaren

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