Dashcam captures rear-end collision caused by a chicken crossing the road.

Insert “why did the chicken cross the road?” joke here. On a relaxing, partly cloudy, warm Australian Christmas morning, a chicken wasn’t at home opening presents – rather it was jaywalking across a small two lane street.

In Tasmania, Australia, one lucky driver’s dashcam captured the ridiculously hilarious, and unfortunate, scene of a hen sprinting using its little chicken legs in front of a small silver hatchback. Lucky for the chicken, the silver vehicle stopped in time to avoid making this into a horror film.

Not so lucky was the white Ford pickup truck (behind the silver hatch) capturing this moment. Although the Ford’s driver also noticed the jaywalking chicken, the driver in a bright blue Kia Rio sedan (behind the truck) wasn’t so observant.

Even though the dashcam doesn’t show the Kia plowing into the rear of the truck, you can hear the sounds of a harsh collision. Arguably the most hilarious moment of this whole ordeal is how shocked the chicken is after hearing the impact. Immediately after the crash, the hen leaps a foot into the air, flaps its wings erratically – as if it could fly away – and quickly splats back onto the tarmac with little grace.

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After realizing what he or she just caused, the chicken aborts its mission to fully cross the road and begins to flee the scene. The chicken sprints back to the side it came from and escapes – presumably into someone’s front yard.

Based on the still images following the video, the pickup appears largely unscathed with minor scrapes to its rear bumper. The Kia sedan, however, didn’t fare so well with a significant amount of damage to its front grille, bumper and hood.

No reports on where the chicken was attempting to go, how it felt, or if there will be any charges pressed against the hen.

Watch this scene go down at the top of this article.

Source: YouTube


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