This incident comes to us from CGTN on YouTube, showing a rather large sinkhole opening up on an unnamed street in Beihai, a city in southwest China. 99 times out of 100, we would feel terrible laughing at something like this. Mind you, we’d probably still laugh, but we’d feel bad about it. This video isn’t without a victim, but we’re told the rider of this scooter was unharmed. As for the scooter, well, we suspect it wasn’t quite as injury free, though the lucky individual does appear to ride it away at the end. 

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Three things stick out for us on this video that strikes our funny bone in a guilt-free way. One, what was this rider thinking? It’s clear from the obvious jump cut at the seven-second mark that the hole didn’t just suddenly open in front of the rider, and it's not like the hole is small. Second on the list is the rider himself, zipping along on his bad motor scooter before seemingly realizing at the very last second that something wasn’t right. It’s as if he goes over the edge in slow motion, not unlike Wile E. Coyote realizing he missed a turn while chasing the Road Runner around a narrow cliff. Cue the whistling sound effect, with a definitive poof at the end.

Perhaps the best moment – not to mention the one that let us know it wasn’t a serious situation – was the bystander just casually walking towards the hole as if the situation was completely normal. Hey, there’s a big hole there. Did you see it? You probably shouldn't have tried to ride through it. Just sayin.

A few seconds later we see the rider climbing out of the hole, no harm done save for the fact that his faux pas was literally center stage on this video. As far as sinkhole adventure go, chalk this one up as little funny, a little scary, and a lot lucky.

Source: CGTN via YouTube


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