What happens when Speed Racer and the Wachowski brothers get together? Check it out on the new "Speed Racer" movie trailer!

Most people that used to watch cartoons, especially the ones related to cars, are today also big fans of movies like “Matrix”. What if the the guys that created the movie had decided to put “Speed Racer” on the big screen? Well, this is exactly what you are going to see from May 9 on, when the Wachowski brothers will release their latest project, Speed Racer, but you won’t have to wait that much to have a glimpse of what the movie will be like. Here’s the trailer!

In the movie, Speed refuses to accept an offer from Royalton Industries to be one of its drivers, what uncovers the fact that, in the competition he takes part of, most drivers are manipulated in order to boost profits.

The only way Speed has to beat Royalton is to win the race that has killed his brother, Rex Racer. The name of the race gives a fair idea of what expects Speed: it is called The Crucible. In order to win the race, the famous cartoon driver teams up with a former adversary, Racer X.

All of the cartoon characters are present, including Spritle and Chim Chim. Will Speed Racer be a cartoon Neo? We will have to wait until May 9 to check it out.

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