Belarus graphics studio Proper Graphics does a rendering of the Koenigsegg CCX to Gran Turismo 5 image standards.

A video game imitating life? Or life imitating a video game? Hard to tell the difference here.

This is a video rendering of the difficult to spot Koenigsegg CCX created by a Belarus-based studio called Proper Graphics. The video rendering is modeled to Gran Turismo 5 standards but is not a GT5 production.

The video provides for a detailed look at the car, inside and out and image quality is crisp and textured. The real-world part of this video is likely filmed in Minsk, the Belarus capital where Proper Graphics has its home offices. Just have a good look at those cobblestones - how they seem to curve up and out of the image and how smoothly polished they are. Proper Graphics does 3D imaging work as well, and the image-rendering work here is so vivid in its own right, notwithstanding its adherence to GT5 standards.

The video is also available directly from Proper Graphics in both HD and Full HD formats.


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