15-year old Barrichello shows skill in a Brazilian stock car, and dad can't contain his pride.

Is there a dad anywhere in the world who wouldn’t get at least a little bit emotional over his son following in his footsteps? Rubens Barrichello is no different, with the notable exception that his job title of F1 legend and bloody awesome Brazilian race car driver is something few dads can claim. These days, Barrichello is hammering race tracks in Stock Car Brasil, which is a V8 touring car series that pretty much dominates the motorsport scene in South America.


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That brings us to the video above, which is 15 minutes of awesome V8 stock car porn with Barrichello exercising the Chevy at Velo Cittá – a new 2.1-mile road course in Sáo Paulo. We don’t understand Portuguese, and with YouTube’s closed-captioning translator spewing things like "fast find two more batman week the deck options,” we honestly have no idea what’s being discussed.

However, we don’t need any translator to share Barrichello’s emotional ride with his 15-year old son Eduardo behind the wheel. It seems the younger Barrichello is quite the up-and-coming wheelman, and there’s absolutely no denying the pride father was feeling for son for those two laps near the end of the video. Go ahead and blame mysterious onions in the room if you want, but we’ll just come right out and say we got a bit misty-eyed over the whole thing. Especially when son reaches over to grab dad’s hand – while accelerating full-bore down the main straight. Yeah, this kid’s got game.


Rubens Barrichello And Son


As for what Barrichello says to his son at the end, a Reddit user who presumably understands Portuguese much better than YouTube offered up this translation:

“Man, I have never felt so emotional in my life, swear to God. Congratulations, f*****g hell. I never thought that when I gave your kart when you were six you would want to do this. Man, if I was not wearing a seatbelt I would have been thrown out of the car. I don't know if you will win something, but you do drive like hell. Thank you very much, I have never had a day like this, swear to God. Don't know where to start.”

That pretty much says it all.

Source: Acelerados via YouTube, Reddit

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