Ambitious Chinese car maker Chery will reveal its first all-new car for Europe at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The new compact SUV will be shown in pre-production guise ahead of sales beginning “within the next few years.”

Chery's SUV revealed in Frankfurt:

However, it won’t be sold as a Chery: the company is planning to sell it under an “all-new nameplate,” with the brand evaluating its own Chery design and R&D center to hone the Chinese-built range of models planned for the continent. It will also work with local importers and distributors in key markets, including the UK. 

Based upon an all-new platform, the range of cars will be offered with a range of electrified powertrains, including hybrid electric, plug-in electric and even full battery-electric EVs. And they’ll be sold “in European markets across multiple segments,” said Chery CEO Dr. Anning Chen.


The compact SUV shown at Frankfurt is aimed at “young, urban, progressive-minded customers” and will be built to European standards of design, quality, dynamics and crash worthiness, promises the firm. The teaser images show a glamorous front end with a glittering grille and simple LED light bar running through the headlights, while the side teaser (and our enhanced version of it) reveals voluminous surfaces with chunky, sculpted wheelarches and a distinctive SUV stance.

There's a teaser of the interior too, showing the central touchscreen and climate control bezels – one of which appears to cleverly incorporate a clock!

Chery has been China’s biggest car exporter for the past 14 years: it has sold 1.2 million Chinese vehicles overseas. Last year, it sold more than 700,000 cars overall, an annual growth rate of 28 percent. 100,000 of them were exported: this represented a full 30 percent of all cars exported from China. Now, with production capacity to make more than 1 million cars a year, it’s setting its sights on Europe.

“Our brand will target open-minded, younger customers in particular, with a product rollout strategy that focuses on quality, low- and zero-emissions powertrains, and emotional engagement with customers,” said Dr. Chen.

“All Chery vehicles sold in Europe will feature class-leading connectivity, be fun to drive, offer flexible and spacious interiors and will provide comprehensive personalization, all of which are aligned with our high standards of product quality and aftersales support.”

Source: Chery


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