Friends, those of us at Motor1 are a humble group with diverse backgrounds and a dizzying array of interests. One thing we can all agree on is that we like cars, especially exotic rides from Italy. It’s always a sad day around the office when we see one burnt to a crisp so consider this your spoiler alert. Along with the not-safe-for-work language, the above rap video ends with a flaming Ferrari.


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That brings us to a gentleman who calls himself A$AP Twelvyy. No seriously, that’s not a typo. He’s a rapper from New York and part of the hip hop group A$AP Mob, and he also just dropped his first solo album called 12 at the beginning of August. Now, we’re all familiar with the connection between rap videos and supercars, but we give Twelvyy some credit here. He could’ve chosen any number of hot Lamborghinis old or new, Paganis, or the perennial fave among rap stars, a Bugatti Veyron.

Instead, for his debut video Hop Out, our man Twelvyy opts for a 1990s era Ferrari 348. You know, the somewhat-awkward model that was trying to be a 328 with Testarossa side strakes? Yeah, it's the one you can find right now for as little as $60,000, which isn’t chump change by any means, but as far as rap video cars go, it’s the equivalent of wearing cutoff shorts to a state dinner. Perhaps that’s why he sets it on fire at the end of the video.

Or does he?

We don’t actually see the car go up in flames. We see a gas can, and a lighter, and then we see a Ferrari-shaped silhouette fully awash in fire. Sure, the 348 isn’t the most glorious prancing horse of all time, but still, it’s not deserving of such a fate. We know the A$AP crew is pretty popular these days, so we’ll reserve judgement and hope the flames are attacking a stand-in Fiero, which have a history for spontaneous combustion anyway.

That said, can we please stop setting cars on fire?

Source: ASAPTwelvyyVEVO via YouTube

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