Design Director Robert Lesnik knows it's a bad idea.

Companies like Range Rover and Nissan specifically are infamous for their convertible SUVs, both the Evoque and the Murano have been given the drop top treatment. While the success of the aforementioned two SUVs are fleeting, to say the least, could Mercedes-Benz try and make an impact with an offering of its own?

Short answer: not a chance. Apart from the Maybach G650 Landaulet (which isn’t really a true convertible anyways), the company won’t be following in its competitor’s footsteps with a pure convertible SUV. Design Director Robert Lesnik, in an interview with Wheels, said that the project would be difficult and expensive, without enough of a return.

"If it’s easy to do, then why not, you could have nothing to lose," said Lesnik. "But to do a whole car for it – for an idea that nobody really asked for – well there’s a reason there’s only one car on the market," he said, referencing the aforementioned Range Rover’s Evoque.

Gallery: Mercedes GLC Convertible rendering

"It’s very easy to do a convertible out of a two-door car, because you have the structure," Lesnik continued “The Evoque, for example, there is a five-door and a three-door. So it’s easy to do, it does not cost much. If you have a GLC, for example, you have to change the whole structure to do a convertible, like what Nissan did with the Murano."

Even with this staunch confirmation, rendering artists have previously mocked up the GLC sans roof. Similar to the Evoque and Murano CrossCab, the GLC cabrio concept does away with any and all structural components apart from the windshield in place of a soft-top roof. The final result is questionable, to say the least. Thankfully, don't expect to see anything like the concept pictured here coming to market anytime soon.

Source: Wheels

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