840 horsepower makes for very effective rear steering.

Penzoil is on a roll these days with its library of short action videos, and Dodge seems to be the manufacturer of choice for landing the leading roles. We last saw this kind of four-wheeled fun four months ago with Penzoil’s opposite-lock farewell tribute to the Viper, barreling through the streets of Miami in a daytime sprint. This time around the setting is a gritty Pittsburgh night, and while the car in question is known for be a drag strip monster, there’s still plenty of sideways action to be had with an 840 horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.


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That’s especially true when the person behind the wheel is drifting and rallycross star Rhys Millen.

The video is appropriately called Exorcising the Demon, and though it starts off at a church there is no plot you actually need to be concerned about. The production crew worked with the city to block off numerous streets for filming, and the rest is pretty much what you’d expect to see from an unleashed 840-horsepower Dodge Challenger faced with the prospect of turning. In other words, it’s awesome fun.

Since the Demon was revealed, pretty much all attention has been focused on the car’s straight-line acceleration and nifty dragstrip features. Even our Demon first drive was nearly all quarter-mile focused, with only the last two paragraphs talking about the relative on-road comfort afforded by the softer spring rates versus the Hellcat. For a vast majority of folks out there, this video will actually be the first look at what a Demon can do when turning is involved.

Granted, Millen’s take on the subject is probably a tad skewed from the rest of us. He does, after all, execute a neat 360-degree spin amidst all the wonderfully balanced oversteer. Perhaps the most intriguing part, however, comes right at the end with the German-esque “text message” asking if the driver is any good in the ring. Could there be a Demon gracing the Green Hell in the near future?

We’ll just have to keep watching, which is exactly what Penzoil wants us to do.

Source: Penzoil

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