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A touching video has popped up on Reddit showing a blind, autistic young man named Spenny shifting through the gears in his dad's Subaru WRX STI. The boy's happiness at moving the shifter is infectious. In fact, we think someone might be cutting some onions during this clip because we feel a little teary eyed.

The young man and his dad really start feeling good once the STI hits third gear. Both of them are laughing, and it's hard not to smile too watching their joy. They get it into fourth, and then Spenny shifts into neutral for an upcoming stop sign. He even wiggles the stick to make sure that it's not in gear. 

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This poignant video wasn't the first time that the pair posted a clip of a ride in the STI. In June 2016, Omar Chavez uploaded this clip of Spenny enjoying the car's acceleration. It's similarly tender, and the young man clearly clearly enjoys the feeling of the STI's turbocharged flat-four pushing him back in the seat. 

Father-son automotive stories tend to make us feel warm and fuzzy, but this one is especially stirring. Spenny just looks so happy being together with his dad in the turbocharged machine. Plus, his father has way to make his kid part of a shared hobby. There's not much better than that, and it feels wonderful to get to experience a tiny part of their joy at being together in this STI.

Source: Reddit, omar chavez via YouTube, 2

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