We’re going to speak to the world using our dad voice for a minute here. If you think you’re some kind of driving god who can sail down busy highways weaving in and out of traffic, think again. Moreover, if you somehow think street racing is cool – never mind in heavy traffic – watch the video above.

This happened Wednesday on California’s 10 Freeway not far from Los Angeles, and the good news is there were no serious injuries. That was extremely fortunate, as the innocent driver in this BMW ended up getting a very close look at the underside of a semi trailer after a speeding Infiniti clipped the car while executing a “pass” that only an asshat would attempt.

Despite the collision, the Infiniti sped away and as such is the subject of a fairly significant search by both civilians and police departments in the area. That’s because dash cams are everywhere in 2017 America, and Alan Parcero – the son of the BMW driver – obtained footage and photos of the car and posted it on his Facebook page . . . which has since been shared 50,000 times.



The latest word from Parcero is that the offending Infiniti G37 was confirmed as stolen, but authorities were still able to identify the driver who unfortunately is still at-large. There’s also some question as to whether this piece of garbage was racing the green Nissan Altima also featured in the video, which moves to pass the BMW at a similar rate of speed to the Infiniti when the collision takes place. The Nissan swerves to the shoulder and for a moment it seems like the driver might stop, but then speeds off as well. Nobody can say for certain if a race was taking place, but there sure is evidence to support it.


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We’ve already established that car thieves are dumb, but we’ve been on the roads of America long enough to know there are a shocking amount of drivers out there who carry on like this simply for the thrill, or worse, because they don’t know any better. If you think nobody is watching your ignorant antics, think again. We hope this guy gets caught and has every book in LA thrown at him.

Source: KTLA, FOX 11, Alan Parcero via Facebook

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