As far a legal battles go, it's a bit unusual.

Porsche customers in the United States have come together to wage a fierce legal battle against the German manufacturer. Are there more emission scandals afoot? Is there an airbag issue? Could some horsepower be mysteriously missing from certain Porsche models?

No, it seems this group of owners are unhappy because the dashboards in some models are simply too dazzling to handle, reflecting into the windshield in such a manner – especially in bright sunlight – that they had to wear shades.


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Motor Trend reports the people behind claim this problem can cause accidents and that the manufacturer must take the necessary steps to solve this problem. For its part, Porsche refuted this problem, claiming that no accident had been caused by this alleged glare. However, to avoid a lengthy and costly legal battle against its customers, the prestigious builder decided, with the agreement of its customers, to reimburse people for the cost of sunglasses. This compensation amounts to anywhere between $50 and $175, because apparently Porsche drivers don’t wear cheap sunglasses.

The settlement took place last December, with a deadline of September 21 for people to submit reimbursements for their sunglasses and a deadline of June 25, 2018 for other claims. The settlement applies to owners of any Porsche produced between 2007 and 2016 equipped with interiors of the following colors: Luxor Beige, Cognac, Natural Brown, Platinum Gray, or Sand Beige.

Apparently, brightly colored interiors either before or after these production dates are not a concern.


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