As far as reunions go, this one doesn’t quite carry the weight as say, Led Zeppelin, or the cast of Friends, or for our purposes in the auto realm, The Grand Tour and the Stig. Still, fans of the Fast and Furious franchise – and in particular the very first film – will appreciate seeing Jesse reunited with his white Volkswagen Jetta. Well, sort-of anyway, since the Jetta in question isn’t actually the car from the film, but a replica built in Quebec. And yes, it’s better than the movie car because this one actually has front brake calipers.

Chad Lindberg is the actor who played Jesse, and while you may not have seem rocking the Hollywood realm since that first film in 2001, he’s been quite busy in both film and television. Still, he’s best known as the junior who hit the nawwws too soon while racing an S2000 driven by Johnny Tran, who kills Jesse near the end of the film in a drive-by shoot.

But did he actually die?


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The description for this reunion video says the goal of the build is to bring Lindberg’s Jesse back to life, to “bring joy to charities and hospitals.” The car’s builders (who apparently also built the original movie car) had a chat with Jalopnik, which reports the goal is to also get Jesse into a future Fast film. It wouldn’t be the first time a character has come back to life, and reviewing the pivotal shooting scene from the first film, we see him get shot but there's no confirmation he died. All things considered, there wasn't even much blood. Perhaps Jesse simply fainted after realizing he'd been racing a car with no front brakes.

Lindberg seems to be fully on-board with such an endeavor, and why wouldn’t he be? The Fast and Furious franchise has become a straight-up Hollywood juggernaut with well over $1 billion earned through the course of nine films, and there are more movies on deck. With the actor and car back together, it will be interesting to see where Jesse turns up in the weeks and months to come.

That said, if Jesse can live, so can Gisele. Can we please get Gal Gadot on the phone and make this happen?

Source: YouTube, Jalopnik

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