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Nissan says the Datsun GO live concept “caters to fun optimistic attitudes of young Indonesian car enthusiasts.” Obviously this curious creation is based on the Go hatchback – a vehicle that’s been available in Indonesia, South Africa, and India since Nissan relaunched Datsun as a budget brand for those markets. We can understand the contrasting bright green with gray, since manufacturers love to play with off-the-wall color schemes on concepts. But what’s with the hypnotic stripes?

"If the GO live could be summed up in a single word, it would be 'freestyle,'" said Kei Kyu, Datsun's executive design director. "The car reflects the fun, expressive and liberating attitude that Indonesian car enthusiasts have toward their vehicles. Jakarta is such an exciting place, and we wanted to capture the power and passion of the city with this car. The GO live was created to show the `freestyle' mindset of young Indonesian drivers, as well as the diverse character of the GO itself. In short, it's meant to be fun, upbeat and cool.”

Looking at just the body without the headache-inducing stripe designs, Datsun points out the GO Live’s tall roofline and elevated stance versus the production model, saying the bigger profile showcases the hatchback’s diverse nature. Also, the side skirts add a certain amount of flair, while the rear sits high to give the impression the GO live is always moving forward.


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As for that seizure-inducing finish, Nissan says it is in fact a camouflage-themed paint scheme that draws from patterns and colors found on trendy clothes. That can only lead us to one simple question – what exactly are people in Indonesia wearing these days?

As far as concept cars go, this one isn’t terrible. It shares the same platform as the Nissan Micra, and given a decent paint job it could make for a decent runabout in the tiny hatchback segment. It was recently revealed at the Jakarta Auto Show to be primarily a styling exercise, so don’t expect to see anything like this in production anytime soon.


Source: Nissan

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