With struggling sales, Chevy is hoping to make up lost ground with a more affordable V8.

For just $37,900, you could take home a 455-horsepower (339-kilowatt) Camaro SS, good for a 0-60 mile-per-hour (96 kilometers per hour) sprint of just 4.1 seconds, and a top speed of around 165 mph (265 kmh). But if that price tag seems a bit too far out of reach, don’t worry, Chevy may be offering a more affordable option in the near future.

In an interview with Automotive News, Chevy product head Mark Ruess said that the marque is considering a stripped-out version of the Camaro SS that could undercut competitors like the current Ford Mustang GT and Dodge Challenger. For reference, the Mustang GT comes with an asking MSRP of $35,000, and delivers 435 hp (324 kW), while the Dodge Challenger delivers 375 hp (279 kW) at $32,995.

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"I think we've got opportunities at the very low end of the Camaro range and some remix of some of the V8 options on it so we don't force people to buy all the options with a V8, just to get a V8," Reuss said in the interview. "The Mustang and some of the cars in the segment will have a lower base price and that's an opportunity for us probably."

Buyers not interested in the top-end V8 option can always opt for the base four-cylinder model, which comes with a starting price of $26,900 and 2.0-liter turbocharged engine good for 275 hp (205 kW). The more powerful V6 option, which comes with a 335 hp (249 kW) 3.6-liter V6, asks $28,395.

Still, the $37,000 Camaro SS pales in comparison to the high-horsepower ZL1. With an asking price of $61,140, the new ZL1 delivers 650 hp (484 kW) via a 6.2-liter supercharged V8. All that power is routed through a 10-speed automatic gearbox, allowing for a 0-60 mph (96 kmh) sprint of just 3.5 seconds.

Source: Automotive News

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