Available until the end of the year.

Until the end of this year, Volkswagen will offer its customers a free-of-charge tech upgrade for all its vehicles produced from 2008, except for the Touareg and Phaeton. The Volkswagen Connect uses a Dataplug and a special smartphone application, which allows drivers and passengers to use internet connectivity and other cool features.

The Dataplug is a small device that connects through Bluetooth to the customer’s mobile phone. It is easy to be retrofitted by a Volkswagen mechanic in a process that takes only a couple of minutes. The only thing that the customer has to do is to download the dedicated Volkswagen Connect mobile smartphone app.

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The application allows for several useful functions, such as information about the fuel consumption on every trip, the fuel level, and more. Customers will also be able to receive automatic reminders for service inspections of the car and to contact the owner’s nominated retailer. Also, if a warning light is illuminated on the dashboard of the car, the app will pass this information to the service center.

“Volkswagen Connect is an exciting addition to customer’s cars. We know that our customers enjoy ease of use and Volkswagen Connect assists with this because it brings the information that is already available within the car to the customer’s mobile phone app,” David McMillan, Volkswagen’s Digital Service Product Manager, explains.

Volkswagen Connect

Volkswagen says all the functions are provided without charge and further extras will be added as the application is under constant development. From the start of 2018, the app will continue to be free but “a nominal charge for the Dataplug may be introduced.” The Dataplug device is transferable from one car to another, a benefit that is also of use for fleet customers.

Check out the press release section below for more details on the Volkswagen Connect functionality.

Source: Volkswagen

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