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When it comes to practicality, few vehicles out there can compete with the motorhome conversion for the Crafter. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will be attending the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf (August 26 – September 3) in Germany with a conceptual version of the new Crafter inspired by the T6 California and tailored to those in the market for basically a house on wheels. It has everything you would ever want in a motorhome, including a wet room with shower.

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The California XXL concept started off as a regular Crafter with a medium-size wheelbase and then it received a redesigned tall roof with special indentations to maintain roughly the same aerodynamic efficiency as the regular version. But most of the magic happened inside the gargantuan cabin that has enough room for a two-meter-long bed. The front seats can be rotated 180 degrees and there’s also a bench seat for all members of your big family.

The fully equipped kitchen installed by VW comes nicely equipped with a twin-hob cooker, a fridge, an extendable work surface, and a sink. There’s also ambient lighting to provide a cozy atmosphere while the window blinds guarantee privacy whenever you need it. A screened-off, spacious living area serves as the highlight of the motorhome conversion.

VW isn’t saying for now whether the California XXL concept will be put into production, but it does mention it will provide more details following its public debut at the end of the month. The motorhome conversion comes about a year after the introduction of the all-new, Poland-built Crafter available with three different lengths, three heights, four 2.0-liter diesel engines, and a choice from front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive.

As a final note, the California XXL is not the first concept to be based on the new Crafter as an electric version was shown last September. Suitably called e-Crafter, the production-intent vehicle had a maximum range of 124 miles (200 kilometers) while power was rated at 134 hp (100 kW) and 214 lb-ft (290 Nm).

Source: Volkswagen

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