Check how the first Renault SUV, derived from Nissan X-Trail, behaves in all sorts of terrain.

It is good to know Renault Koleos is the first SUV from Renault and all technical specs, such as the engines (all four cylinders, a petrol 2,5-litre that generates 170 cv and a 2-litre turbodiesel engine with two outputs, 150 cv and 175 cv), traction (it will come in two or four-wheel-drive) and heritage (it derives from the Nissan X-Trail), but wouldn’t it be better to see what the car can do? Well, Renault has given us this chance with the video we bring to you in this article.

At first it shows the Koleos on road, the sort of environment it will very likely be seen more often on, but suddenly it changes to an off-road track and it is easy to say the new SUV seems to do pretty well in this sort of terrain too, especially in the final part of the video, where it faces rougher conditions.

Koleos is 4.52 m long and 1.85 m wide and has a ground clearance of 206 mm. It will come with a six-speed manual transmition or with a CVT gearbox.

Renault Koleos Goes On and Off Road in This Video