First spy shots of the Renault Megane CC surfaced this week. Although very hidded, we do have some details to pass along.

Underneath all this padding is the Renault Megane CC. Looking like a car that was giftwrapped by a middle-aged bachelor, the vehicle appears to either still be in development, or to have a well-crafted marketing plan for its release.

The rumormill suggested that the car would take the stage in Frankfurt during the media presentations earlier this week. However, with Renault making the electric vehicles the focus of their press conference, it is also possible they did not want to muddle their corporate message for the German show.

Based on the coupe, the Renaul Megane Coupe Convertible will have a new back-end inspired by the current lineup. With the roof receiving some camouflage, we wonder if the vehicle's top will also feature some glass. Many of the same engines, including bio-fuel, should be available on the CC.

With the Geneva Motor Show coming just before the summer convertible season begins, look for the Renault Megane CC to get a March 2010 debut.