Jaguar may be plotting against such coupes as the Audi A5 and BMW 3 Series Coupe. A company executive told Autocar that such a vehicle was being discussed as a possibility among others.

Rumours regarding a possible Jaguar compact coupe continue flying around. Company engineering boss Mick Mohan told Autocar that such a vehicle is under consideration.

"The X-type won't be around forever, and because we don't plan to replace it, there are lots of possibilities for cheaper models," he said. "Personally, I'd love to make a compact coupe - an Audi A5 or BMW 3 Series Coupe rival. There's plenty of profit to be made on those cars, and our aluminum platform technology gives us the opportunity to make one. I think we'd make a really good one too."

The X-Type was no sales hit although some publications praised its handling abilities. Understandably then, no talk of a four-door 3 Series rival came up.

Any possibilities of an SUV for the cat then? Apparently not. "Utility will never be what we're about," he said, "but that still leaves us plenty of avenues to explore. And we've got no shortage of ideas at the moment."

That makes sense. Otherwise Jaguar would start competing with sister company Land Rover.

Jaguar Consider Entry Level Coupe to Rival BMW 3er