This swine comes up with a track that's more complicated than the Nürburgring.

Infiniti’s steer-by-wire hasn’t received rave reviews. For example, Motor1 Senior Editor Jake Holmes said about the Direct Adaptive Steering System in a Q50 Red Sport 400: “It’s vague and the weighting bears no relation to steering angle or tire load. I might as well be driving a Nissan Altima for all the driving excitement that comes through to my fingertips.” A new commercial for the tech from Japan at least makes the tech look like a ton of fun by challenging a driver on a test track from the paintbrush of a very artistic pig. 

Infiniti Q50 Pig Commercial

Pigcasso, a rescued porker from South Africa, is an accomplished painter. Nissan challenged this pig to create a new test track for the company. After rendering the curvy course on an open piece of tarmac, the automaker put racing driver Michael Krumm behind the wheel of a Skyline (known as the Infiniti Q50 elsewhere in the world) with Direct Adaptive Steering for a lap of the circuitous circuit.

Krumm initially looks surprised at the track’s weird layout, but he eventually starts to have a lot of fun, including sliding the rear end around the narrow setup. The driver looks a little shocked when he sees the pig painting the course, though.

Infiniti Q50 Pig Commercial

This is a good way to advertise the DAS system. The commercial combines humor and performance in equal measures. Plus, it presents the steer-by-wire as a useful feature and suggests that a racing driver can get good results from the tech.

Infiniti announced DAS in 2012. The company tried to improve the system for 2016 model year by making the tech more customizable and tweaking the feel to be more realistic. A software flaw in 2016 forced a recall to fix an issue where there was possibly a loss of steering responsiveness and achange in turning radius.

 Source: 日産自動車株式会社 via YouTube

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