Fluid on the track from the stricken Bimmer makes things slick for other drivers

People from all over the world congregate at the Nürburgring Nordschleife for an opportunity to take their vehicle on the famous track. However, the vast range of skill levels of drivers on the course at the same time can make the circuit rather dangerous. Making things even more difficult, many of the curves are rather tricky. Brünnchen is one of the Nordschleife’s famous turns, and spectators gather there to watch the incessant stream of drivers, including the mistakes that many of them make.

Recently, there was an incident at Brünnchen (see lead video, above) when an E90-generation BMW M3 suddenly caught fire in the corner. At the same time, the vehicle’s fluids leaked onto the course and caused a slick situation for the drivers entering the turn.

The danger became evident soon after track marshals arrived. A Honda S2000 pirouetted on the slick surface and ended up pointing the wrong way against the circuit’s barrier. Moments later, a motorcyclist hit the slippery section and went down, too.

Fortunately, there were no injuries during the eventful day at Brünnchen. We wouldn’t want to pay for the mechanical repair bills for the M3 or the body mend on the S2000, though. The motorcycle skitters across the asphalt and doesn't appear to incur serious damage.

These clips are a great reminder about why drivers can’t treat a real-life lap of the Nordschleife like a virtual one in Forza Motorsport. There are hazards on the track that never appear in a video game, and it pays to act with caution.

Source: statesidesupercars via YouTube, Nürburgring Racing Videos via YouTube, Auto Addiction via YouTube

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