At the Geneva Motor Show, the second generation of the Infiniti FX50 was presented to journalist when it came down from the ceiling. Check this out on the video.

Infiniti’s introduction to Europe, at the Geneva Motor Show, was way above Geneva standards. Not only because it was a nice presentation, but literally because the Infiniti FX50 came from the ceiling (or the sky, as we have referred to it in the title) to be seen, photographed and filmed by journalists from all over the world. Infiniti has also filmed the presentation and made this movie available so that we could show you exactly how it was.

In fact, Europe will receive the second generation Infiniti FX50, equipped with a 5-litre V8 engine, called VK50VE, that generates 390 cv and 500 Nm. Matted with a seven speed automatic transmition, this vehicle has all possibilities to cause a very good impression to Old World customers, once it is recognised by great built quality and competitive prices, besides the striking looks.

Anyway, the Infiniti FX50 is a 4.80 m long and 1.93 m wide vehicle, what it adequate for the USA, but perhaps too big for European streets. Let’s check on how this SUV is going to be received when its sales start, in the second half of 2008.

How Infiniti FX50 Got Down From the Sky in Geneva