Some might remember the name Melkus. Well it's back in business and the first sign of this is the new RS2000 which was unveiled at Frankfurt. The 199kW gullwing coupe does 0 - 62mph in 4.9 seconds.

Melkus used the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show to make a major announcement; the Melkus brand is back in business after a 30 year absence. Now headed by Sepp Melkus the grandson of founder Heinz Melkus, the sports car maker revealed its first product since the RS1000 way back in 1979. Today that car would be considered a very limited edition model since only 100 made production.

The RS2000 shown at the IAA is partially hand-made from carbon fibre (hence the 950kg weight) and has the same supercharged 1.8-litre Toyota engine that Lotus uses. Power is 199kW (270hp) and the 0 - 62mph time is 4.9 seconds. It will not stop until the needle hits 250km/h.

Gullwing doors seem to be popular

As the second gullwing door equipped vehicle at this year's IAA event, Melkus gets to rub shoulders with the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. However, keen to disassociate themselves from the "kit car" brigade Melkus will fit the RS2000 with luxuries like a leather interior and air conditioning.

Still the car is quite exclusive. Only 25 units will be made every year and the selling price is €107,500 (US$158,400).


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