It can be had for €35,300 ($41,475), not including options.

The Toyota ProAce, first introduced in 2013, is a family-friendly, road-tripping, European-only minivan, with room enough for five or seven passengers, depending on the spec. So it makes sense that Toyota would eventually introduce a version that’s as suited for the destination as it is the trip.

The ProAce Verso camper, which comes fitted with a Ququq Camping Box, turns the rear of the minivan into a camper for two full-sized adults. The limited edition trim will be available in Germany exclusively. The package includes a fold-out bed, a stove, two sinks, and a storage compartment. It can be ordered on the Compact, L1, or L2 versions of the Proace.

Here’s how it works. Depending on which model you choose, five- or seven-passenger, the double bed takes the place of the second row of seats, and lies neatly in front of the third row, which is pushed and folded all the way back. The rest of the components can be accessed from the tailgate, with an optional Ququq "Midibox" that can be had for an extra €2,790 ($3,280), as well as a camping set with a table and two chairs available for an extra €99 ($115).

For those traveling with more than two passengers, you can add on a Dachzelt ARB Simpson III tent to make it a fully-fledged camper. The tent adds an extra 2.4 by 1.4 meters of sleeping space in the rear, and can be constructed in 15 to 20 minutes, depending on skill set. The tent is an extra €1,600 ($1,880) on top of the price of the original pacakge, while the roof rack necessary for transport is an extra €398 ($465).

The awnings and Sunseeker pictured here are also an added cost, €299 ($250) and €309 ($360) respectively, and can be used on either side of the minivan, suitable for added sun protection. All in all, the Toyota Proace Verso camper can be add for €35,300 ($41,475), not included added costs. With the many aforementioned options equipped, total cost will be closer to €40,795 ($47,870).

Source: Toyota Germany

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