Check out these new, live photos of Porsche's latest special edition. The 2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic features several improvements over the Carrera S.

Porsche wheeled the limited edition 2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic onto the stage this week.  The 408 horsepower car is based on the Carrera S, and comes with a 3.8-liter engine.

Because of the 23 horsepower increase over the Carrera S, the six-cylinder engine pushes the 911 SC to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds, on its way to a 302 km/h (187 mph) top speed.  Carbon-ceramic brakes slow the machine down.

The limited edition model is dropped by 20mm, and comes with blacked-out 19-inch custom Fuchs wheels meant to evoke a 1960s-era look.  Styling helps to convey this feeling, including the ducktail spoiler, and double-dome roof.

Should you buy one of the 250 editions of the Porsche 911 Sport Classic, expect to pay €169,300, not including tax.