Look out, Aston Martin Vulcan.

The Acura NSX, though edgy on the outside, is a supercar that can be driven on a daily basis. A comfortable interior, a relatively efficient engine, and an easy to use gearbox make it no more harder to manage than a Golf GTI. But what if Honda decided to build something that was even more extreme?

Enter designer Leonardo Nitole Moreira. His idea of a hardcore, Honda-branded supercar looks nothing like the NSX that shares the same parent company. The front fascia is sleek and dramatic, similar to the Aston Martin Vulcan, and includes a carbon fiber splitter that inches ever so slightly off the ground. He calls it the Invisus concept.

Born from a desire to create a track-only supercar similar to the aforementioned Aston Martin Vulcan, or the Ferrari FXX K, the Honda Invisus draws many of its distinctive cues from the competition. The Aston-esque front fascia gives way to a dramatic body with gullwing doors, an exposed engine compartment displaying the undoubtedly powerful V8, carbon fiber louvers, and a massive rear wing. The body was sculpted onto a tubular chassis that would hypothetically help keep the weight down.

Gallery: 2020 Honda Invisus Concept

The cabin, though scarce, draws similarities to Honda race cars of yore. The JDM-inspired three-spoke carbon fiber steering wheel looks like something borrowed form an S2000 or Supra touring car. The carbon fiber theme continues on the dash and center console, and is accented by red stitching throughout, along with a central infotainment screen loaded with buttons aplenty. 
The designer doesn’t dare hazard a guess as to how much horsepower his stunning creation would produce. Given its closest competition, somewhere near 1,000 isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Don’t expect to get your hands on this track-only supercar anytime soon, though. The rendering remains a vision of what could be if Honda decided to buck up and build a vehicle that could take down the likes of Aston Martin and Ferrari. Let’s hope the company at least has a more hardcore NSX planned.

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