Why flip through an owner's manual when your phone can explain things to you?

Hyundai’s Genesis luxury brand will take a step into the future by launching an augmented reality owner’s manual for the 2017 Genesis G80 and G90. The Genesis Virtual Guide lets owners point a smartphone or tablet at their vehicle and get more details about the model’s features. The app gives owners access to 135 how-to videos and contains 25 three-dimensional overlays for portions of the Genesis like the engine bay and instrument panel.

Genesis Virtual Guide App

“The Virtual Guide is going to wow our owners,” said Erwin Raphael, general manager of Genesis in the United States. “It takes hundreds of pages of information and puts it on a device we know consumers touch all day long – their smartphone. And most of the content is in the form of videos, which we also know is the preferred method for consumers to digest information today.”

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The app gives owners some helpful info. For example, point a smartphone at the engine bay, and a user can select from maintenance instructions. Inside, the display educates customers about the functions of the buttons in the cabin and the meanings of the warning lights on the instrument panel. It also lets folks know about how to use the adaptive cruise control, Bluetooth pairing, and even the clock. 

Genesis Virtual Guide App

Augmented reality is still in its infancy for automotive applications, but the tech could be huge in the future. For example, Apple and Hyundai have separately imagined ways to use the virtual overlay as an advanced head-up display, including using the windshield as a massive navigation display.

The tech can help sell cars, too, like the way BMW uses it to market the i3 and i8. The company’s visualizer puts the electrified models in front of a user, and they can then virtually check out the models, including seeing the available colors and trims.

Source: Genesis

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