The fourth-generation BRABUS E V12 took centre stage at the IAA with its striking black exterior and those unavoidable rear wheel arch covers. Only 10 will be sold at €498,000 a pop.

The world's most powerful high-performance sedan, a claim that very few can make. One of these is BRABUS, a name synonymous with Mercedes-Benz-based cars that outclass anything this side of a Bugatti Veyron. BRABUS introduced the new fourth-generation E V12 at Frankfurt in front of a stunned crowd. Not only is the exterior and interior thought-provoking to say the least but the power figures are simply mind-boggling.

The engine is a 6.3-litre V12 whose capacity was increased from the S600's 5.5-litre V12. It uses a bi-turbo system to push out 588kW (800hp) and 1,420Nm of torque (electronically limited to 1,100Nm). Power is sent to the rear wheels through a reinforced five-speed automatic gearbox and a BRABUS high-performance limited-slip differential with a locking rate of 40%. BRABUS says it will dash off from 0 - 100km/h in 3.7 seconds and reach a top end of 370km/h (230mph). We are convinced that if you ask nicely they might start the car up and let you hear what comes out of those shiny quad tailpipes.

Form follows function when it comes to the exterior. The carbon fibre body conversion kit used was tested in a wind tunnel and adds 36mm (1.4 inches) to the car's original width. An optimal supply of cooling air is provided by the new BRABUS front end which also reduces aerodynamic lift on the front axle. Suspension is the independent type up front and rear with height-adjustable BRABUS coil-over sport suspension. It sports 19-inch wheels with size 255/35 ZR 19 front tyres and 285/30 ZR 19 at the rear.

The controversial rear wheel arches/covers feature what BRABUS calls Speed Pads which are only available with the new E V12 in the BRABUS range. In total the car is 4.9m long, 1.9m wide, 1.4m high and has wheelbase of 2.8m. The fuel tank capacity is 80 litres and curb weight is 1,980kg (4,365 lbs), making this a very hefty customer.

The interior is covered in sporty-contoured custom front seats while at the back Alcantara and black leather-covered seats are fitted. There's also some carbon fibre on the dashboard, the centre console and the door panels.

Only 10 examples of the BRABUS E V12 will be produced and sold at a price of €498,000 (US$730,000) MSRP.


Brabus E V12 Scares Public in Frankfurt