Tesla already started deliveries of its most-affordable model to day during a special event late last month. Only 30 customers received their new Model 3s, as production is very slow at the moment. The Californian company promises that it "will grow exponentially until we achieve full production," but, still, if you order a car today, you won’t get it for 12 to 18 months.

Apparently, that’s too much time for some customers and they have cancelled their pre-orders. During Tesla’s quarterly earnings call, Tesla CEO Elon Mush revealed some 63,000 Model 3 orders have been cancelled. The total reservations for the electric sedan, Recode quotes Musk, went from approximately 518,000 to 455,000.

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“Those cancellations occurred over the course of more than a year,” Musk revealed. “I think [these numbers] are inconsequential. With a small amount of effort we can easily drive the Model 3 reservation number to something much higher but there’s no point. It’s like if you’re a restaurant and you’re serving hamburgers and there’s like an hour and a half wait for hamburgers, do you really want to encourage more people to order more hamburgers?”

By the end of the year, Tesla plans to produce about 5,000 units of the EV every week. That number will rise to 10,000 examples weekly by early next year.

“When I said ‘manufacturing hell,’ I meant it,” Musk added. “We know this, we signed up for it. Not blaming hell because we bought the ticket. This is maybe the best I've ever felt about Tesla, to be frank.”

2018 Tesla Model 3
2018 Tesla Model 3

Next year, during the first three months, Tesla will also start manufacturing the all-wheel drive version of the car. In the second half of 2018, the manufacturer will begin deliveries to markets outside the United States. Right-hand drive models will be assembled starting 2019.

Source: Recode

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