You can't make this stuff up...

In one of the most bizarre thefts we’ve heard of in recent times, the police in Lelystad located in the center of The Netherlands spotted on August 1 at around 10 AM an old Renault Twingo carrying some voluminous cargo on its tiny roof. For obvious reasons, the petite car was pulled over and it turned out the two huge lamp posts were not the only problem the driver was having, though it was the most striking.

His driver’s license had expired at the end of last year and the car was not insured. Not only that, but the vehicle’s mandatory verification was three months out of date. To make matters worse, the driver refused the breathalyzer test and it is believed he had refueled the pint-sized car at a gas station without paying for the gas.

An update from the Lelystad Police posted on Facebook says the culprit has been questioned by the authorities and he eventually confessed to all the facts. Needless to say, he’s now in jail and the car has been confiscated. Having been caught red-handed committing multiple felonies, he’ll be spending quite some time behind bars.

Now, we’d be curious to see how he managed to lift those heavy lamp posts and place them using a single pair of straps on the top of his beat-up city car. Perhaps an even more interesting video to watch would be one in which the Twingo makes a turn considering the lamp posts are considerably longer than the car.


This brings up the question, what was he planning on doing with the lengthy loot? Also, there is another photo posted on social media showing a colorful Citroën 2CV towing the first-gen Twingo, so it’s safe to say that was his partner in crime and makes the entire theft even more hilarious.

Source: Politie Lelystad

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