ABT promises Plus power at a lower price point, though exterior and suspension modifications are extra.

The latest Audi R8 treatment from ABT Sportsline is aimed at the base model – that is, if you can call a 5.2-liter, 540 horsepower V10 a base engine. Never the less, ABT now offers a power package for the less-endowed V10 which adds 70 hp to the mix, giving the base R8 performance similar to the Plus model at a lower price point.


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The tuner doesn’t mention specific additions and changes made to pull that additional 70 ponies, outside of “optimizing the motor management.” To help visually set the R8 apart from the pack, ABT also adds a set of forged black 19-inch alloy ER-F wheels, or optional 20-inch GR rims.

For buyers who just want the additional punch, ABT is happy to stop there and send you on your way with a total of 610 horsepower. There are numerous other R8 upgrades available, however, starting with a pair of body kits labeled Street and Race that both add a variety of aero tweaks including a front skirt, new rear panel and a rear skirt, and a new stainless steel exhaust system that’s good for another 20 hp.

The Race kit adds blades up front and on the side as well as wheelhouse vents, all while shaving 110 pounds from the car. To better handle the extra power, ABT also offers upgraded suspension in the form of height-adjustable springs with sport stabilizer bars.

ABT offers these upgrades for both the coupe and Spyder models, though once you move past the power upgrade expect the costs to sail past what you’d pay for a proper Plus model. Considering the delectably aggressive treatment ABT’s exterior tweaks add to the car, shelling out a bit more coin for a sizzling R8 fast may not be such a bad thing.

Source: ABT Sportsline

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