Lego. Who can explain its fascination with people from all walks of life? There’s definitely a strong connection between auto fans and the snap together bricks, and we can’t think of a better example to showcase this than with McLaren’s incredible life size 720S that was actually completed at Goodwood a few weeks back. We had the chance to see it in-person, and we’ll just say the photos don’t do it justice.


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To refresh your memory, the 1:1 scale Lego McLaren required over 2,000 hours and 267,300 bricks to complete. To see what that all looks like compressed into the timeframe of a single minute, McLaren put together the above video to give us mere Lego amateurs a sense of the monumental scale on which this build took place.

It all started with a solid base to support the weight, then came the boxes upon boxes of bricks. For most of the construction we see no more than six people at a time working on the car, but the final 13,000 bricks were applied at Goodwood and to make the final push we see as many as nine people around the Lego supercar.


Prices for individual bricks can vary depending on the shape and color, but with a common average falling around 10 cents per brick, this Lego 720s cost $26,730 just in Lego bits to build. Still, it’s a far cry from the $284,475 sticker price of the actual car. Fortunately, for Lego fans who want a McLaren of their own, there is a 720S Lego Speed Champions kit that retails for just $14.99. Or, if you want a scale replica that doesn't require assembly, there's always the amazing 1:8 scale McLaren 720S available through Amalgam.

When all was said and done, the Lego McLaren project raised £2,700 – or approximately $3,500 – for the official Goodwood charity. Plus, it also brought plenty of smiles to faces of children and adults alike, which is a cause we can always get behind.

Source: McLaren via YouTube

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