All will be revealed on September 12.

The all-new Megane RS is one of the hotly anticipated releases of 2017, so it’s no wonder there are tons of spy videos on the Internet. Two additional clips have been uploaded onto YouTube and one of them – at least – is quite interesting as it shows a trio of prototypes from a close distance while these are being loaded onto trucks, presumably after a test session on the roads of sunny Spain.

New Megane RS fully revealed:

With the exception of the central exhaust tip, the cars appeared to have all of the production bits and bobs, including the extended wheel arches and the sizeable air vents up front. One of the cars had a visible 4Control badge mounted on the B-pillar, thus indicating what Renault has already confirmed the new Megane RS will feature: four-wheel steering.

Speaking of which, Renault has disclosed quite a lot of info about its new range topper in the Megane family. It will be offered with Sport or Cup chassis, manual or dual-clutch auto. All that’s left for Renault to do is reveal the identity of the engine. For the moment, we only have various reports indicating it will either be the newly developed 1.8-liter turbo from the Alpine A110 or a 2.0-liter, which could be in fact derived from the smaller unit. Either way, those front wheels will have to handle roughly 300 horsepower.

The Megane RS once held the record for the fastest production FWD car around the Nürburgring and we have a feeling Renault Sport wants it back. To grab the title, it will have to beat the Honda Civic Type R’s 7:43.8 time. Some people are actually saying the world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show will come bundled with a new lap record, but it’s better to wait and see whether the rumors will pan out.

The 2018 Renault Megane RS will go official on September 12.

Note: Below is another video, shot in France, with different prototypes playing their raspy soundtrack.

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