No more road rage!

Yes, it’s finally happening! A new law in Nevada will restrict slow drivers from going too slow in the left lane. The Nevada Highway Patrol reports that, while speeding is still a major issue in many states around America, going too slow on the passing lane causes the most road rage.

Slowpokes Beware:

As 13 Action News reports, Nevada recognizes this as a problem and, as of July 1, drivers in the left are required to drive at the speed limit. NPH makes it clear that this isn’t a law to encourage speeding, but rather to keep the traffic flow going more steadily and, hopefully, to eliminate road rage incidents.

"It's law here that if you're gonna be in that lane, you need to be going at least the speed limit," explained Trooper Jason Buratczuk from the Nevada Highway Patrol.

The reporters of 13 Action News actually took a ride with Buratczuk to see how the new law works on the road. They quickly pulled over a driver going at 59 miles per hour (95 kilometers per hour) in a 65-mph (105-kph) zone, causing a couple of people to pass him on the right side.

"You'll never see me going below the speed limit in that lane again because I get annoyed by people driving that slow," the driver, Spencer Nead, said.

Since the introduction of the new law, the Nevada Highway Patrol has issued tickets to three people driving slowly on the passing lane. First offenses cost $50, second $100, and third $250.

Source: 13 Action News via Jalopnik

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