Another day, another Italian supercar goes up in flames. This time it’s a Lamborghini Gallardo, and according to The Drive, the inferno took place in downtown Seattle not far from the city’s convention center. We don’t know anything about the circumstances leading up to the blaze, but we do know it happened right underneath a nifty high-definition camera.


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It’s unclear if the driver initially attacks the fire with a small extinguisher or a bottle of water, but whatever it is, it’s not enough. Someone offers up a larger extinguisher about a minute into the video, which the driver empties on the quickly expanding flames to no avail. All hope is lost at the 1:40 mark when the driver flings the empty extinguisher bottle into the air as the flames begin to engulf the Lamborghini. Thick black smoke obscures the camera for a spell, but a gut-wrenching explosion heard at the 3:55 mark sends up more flames, which become clearly visible from the entire rear of the car about 30 seconds later.

Firefighters are on-scene five minutes after the video begins, and a couple minutes later the blaze is out. Seven minutes elapsed from the time the driver got out of the car to when the flames were killed, but it was more than enough time to render much of the Lambo a blackened mess.

Whereas the Countach fire we recently covered was likely a Fiero-based replica, this Gallardo seems to be the real deal. Why is it these cars are so prone to spontaneous combustion? Lamborghini issued a recall earlier this year for Aventadors to fix the car’s evaporative emission systems that could lead to fuel vapors igniting, but it didn’t extend to the Gallardo. There is also nasty habit amount supercar owners to run the engines fairly hard or rev the pee out of them at a stop, which can cause the rich-running mills to shoot flames from the exhaust and sometimes ignite bodywork. We have absolutely no idea if any of that was a factor here, though the video does say the car had just left the highway.

In any case, we’d feel terrible watching any car we owned go up in flames. You have our condolences Lambo owner.

Source: The Drive, YouTube

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