Folks, we’re not experts when it comes to the finer points of boosting cars. That said, we'll go out on a limb and say you probably want to be real discreet about it, especially if you nab something as conspicuous as a yellow 1966 Ford GT40 replica. And you certainly don’t want to parade it around the same town you stole it from, especially when it’s a relatively small place like Marshalltown, Iowa with a population of 27,000 people who would instantly recognize it.

So what’s a car-loving thief to do? If you intend to keep the car, it would probably be a good idea to load it up on a trailer – preferably something enclosed – and get the hell out of town. At the very least it would be smart to lay low for good long while. Unfortunately, one of the common traits among thieves is a supreme level of stupidity, which explains why our daring wheel man promptly applied a thin coat of flat black spray paint and jumped behind the wheel to cruise town – multiple times. After all, nobody would suspect a GT40 with a crappy black respray could be a recently stolen yellow GT40. That's like two completely different colors.

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Even if the local police hadn’t put out an all-points bulletin for the car, or even if it hadn’t been widely shared on social media, one doesn’t see a Ford GT40 every day in the middle of Beverly Hills, never mind the middle of Iowa. Never mind the fact that the car was still wearing a set of easily identified white-letter Goodyear tires on knock off rims. Never mind the fact that the flat-black respray still showed all kinds of yellow underneath. 

As you would expect, with police and the community on the lookout, the Nick Cage wannabe was caught pretty quickly. And to nobody's surprise, he was also on drugs.

As for the car, it’s all good save for the amateur makeover which the owner says will be corrected soon enough.

Source: KCCI news

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