Visitors to the 2009 IAA will be treated to this ABT Polo that's based on the new VW Polo hatch. Two engines were upgraded for more power while the exterior and interior were polished up.

ABT Sportsline is making its presence felt at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a very small way. The tuner has unveiled its littlest car in the Volkswagen Polo. The base is the new fifth generation car and while changes are visible, some are actually not. Like the power figures.

ABT has taken the factory 1.6 TDI and given it several choices of power. The 55kW (75hp) motor now makes 66kW (90hp) while the 66kW (90hp) goes up to 81kW (110hp). For the 77kW (105hp) model power is increased to 96kW (130hp). Not even the smallest 1.2 TSI could be spared ABT treatment as it goes from 77kW (105hp) to a preppy 96kW (130hp).

Performance and aerodynamics equipment installed includes Z 8x18 inch ABT wheels, mid-mounted double chrome tailpipes, a rear apron insert and a rear spoiler. ABT recommends that buyers opt for its branded springs to add an extra dimension of dynamism to the hot hatch.

The interior is said to make passengers feel excited as well while the ladies are expected to fall in love right there and then. Actually the latter would fall in love with the car and not necessarily the driver. Stuff installed includes an ABT gear lever and ABT floor mats.


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