Don't forget the chubby guy in the trunk!

How many people can you fit in a seventh-generation Honda Civic? That’s a question we suspect not many of you have asked, and even if you did, there are many variables that must be taken into account. Is the car a sedan or hatchback? Automatic or manual transmission? Is there any cargo in the back? Are we talking full-size adults or children? And perhaps the most important question, are these people okay with having their personal space violated?


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Based on the video above, we’re comfortable with the number nine. That’s right, nine people bailed out of this silver five-door Civic hatchback after rear-ending an Audi. And we’re fairly certain they were not comfortable with their accomodations.

According to the Birmingham Mail, the crash occurred last Friday evening in the central English city of Leicester. The video clearly shows wet roads, and though the driver of the Civic does attempt to stop, having nine people in the car will have a negative affect on braking performance. There appears to be no injuries, so there’s at least some bit of good news.

As to why there were so many people crammed into the Honda, nobody knows. Every single occupant – including the driver – bailed and ran just seconds after the impact. Some of the escapees appeared mighty young, so perhaps this was a youthful joyride gone bad? Surely the driver must at least know the police can trace the car’s registration, unless of course the car was hot to begin with. It would certainly explain why everyone scattered like spooked rabbits.

Everyone, that is, except for the portly lad trapped in the back. At least the driver had enough courtesy to open the hatch so he, too, could scamper away.

Yes, this is a serious situation that could’ve been much worse, but we can’t help but laugh at the spectacle. Here’s hoping this would-be clown car adventure taught some of these youngsters a lesson.

Source: The Birmingham Mail, YouTube


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