Here’s the thing about fish-out-of-water stories. They’ve been done to death, but that’s because they never fail to grab some attention. How else can we explain the Battle Cars phenomena? Take a high-end exotic designed strictly for looking pretty on pavement, add bars, lights, and perhaps some knobby tires, and have fun in a manner for which the car was never intended.


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We’ve seen a few such creations in real life, but since most expensive exotics are, well, expensive, cool renderings are usually the only way to satisfy this curious fix. To that end, the folks over at Car Keys have cooked up some seriously cool rides with some help Javier Oquendo Design, and we’ll give credit where credit is due. These cars are just flat-out awesome. Want to try creating your own Battle Car? Javier Oqendo Design posted a video showing how the Huayra was created, and though it looks fairly easy, we have no doubt it’s anything but.




Of the group, the Ford GT and Lamborghini Veneno soldier on as on-road post-apocalyptic warriors with relatively minor treatments. The Ford gets a roof rack and some aero enhancements, not to mention a cage for extra protection inside. The Lamborghini looks a bit more serious with a big push bar sporting a bank of rally lamps up front and an LED light bar over the windshield. Of all the renders, these two look like they could have real-life doppelgangers without much trouble.

The Bugatti Chiron and Pagani Huayra, however, are decidedly in the realm of fantasy. Both models feature massive off-road tires with crazy fenders, roof racks, and we absolutely love the exposed rear on the Huayra that shows all the mechanical bits, though such a change would make this Battle Car extremely vulnerable to attack. The Chiron, however looks like it’s absolutely ready to storm the gates of hell, or at the very least, make a bid for the 2018 World Rally Championship. Bugatti Chiron WRC . . . that does have a nice ring to it.

Source: Car Keys, Javier Oqendo Design via YouTube

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