Amongst the three new concepts appearing from Renault today is this Renault Kangoo Z.E. Concept. The all-electric suburban warrior reaches speeds of 130 km/h with a 160 km range.

Amongst several new releases today, Renault brought out the new Renault Kangoo Z.E. Concept.  As part of a push to show their capability at builting an electric vehicle for any type of consumer, the concept is one of three distinctly different studies.

Continuing with the attempt to pair blue color tones with alternative fuels, Renault has used the color on almost every piece of glass and transparent plastic on the vehicle.  Coming in at about four-meters long, the Kangoo Z.E. is meant more for suburban folk who need the cargo space.

The vehicle uses a 70 kilowatt motor delivering a maximum of 226 Nm of torque.  Power is derived from a lithium-ion battery that is a little less strained, thanks to the solar-panel powered climate control system.  To keep the car insulated, the vehicle was designed like a Thermos container with "two insulating panels with a sandwich of air in between."  The air is meant to "moderate temperature extremes between the exterior and the interior of the car," according to a press release.

Interactivity is the big sell here.  Occupants are recognized by the vehicle before they enter, and can be notified of the car's available range as they approach the doors.  An intelligent navigational system works in tandem with the energy management system to provide a more efficient experience.  This system helps warn the driver when the range is running low, notifying him or her of the nearest charge station or parking lot.

A depleted battery is charged in four to eight hours, while a 20-minute quick charge is also available.  At 1,520 kilograms, the vehicle's range is 160 kilometers.  Top speed is capped at 130 km/h.