This is one of the reasons why we absolutely love stage rally. It’s not just for the racing action because let’s face it; at a NASCAR race you can usually see most if not all of the action, whereas rally fans catch mere glimpses of cars as they sail past. But as this video from a particularly tricky corner at Neste Rally Finland this past weekend shows, fan involvement takes on a whole new meaning in rally.

This particular corner captured no less than 15 cars while one of the die-hard fans captured all the up-close action with a helmet cam. It’s one thing to see static video of fans rushing to a car, but being right in the middle of the fun serves to capture both the excitement of stage rally, and the sheer passion for the sport shared by the fans.


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Finland was the ninth stop on this year’s World Rally Championship calendar and it never disappoints. Aside from having some of the best rally stages in the world, the fans always go above and beyond to not just cheer for their favorite teams, but to lend a hand literally within seconds of an off-road excursion. People are dashing towards cars even before they come to a rest, while other fans and stage marshals ensure oncoming racers are alerted to the situation. There isn’t another motorsport in the world where fans and race teams enjoy such a symbiotic relationship.

Sadly, the World Rally Championship doesn’t come to the United States. The American Rally Association and Rally America hold events throughout the year, but attendance is generally light and liability concerns mean fans are absolutely not allowed to cross barriers at events. That will likely never change, so we’ll have to settle for fan videos like this, or better yet, make the occasional trip across the pond for a proper rally fan experience.

Source: YL!VAA Media via YouTube

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