T Sportline offers a full leather and carbon fiber interior for the Model S and Model X.

Tesla has decided to do away with real leather in all of its vehicles in place of a "premium," non-animal option instead, the first of which was intruded on the Model X in 2016. The eco-friendly approach, while applauded by shareholders like PETA, might not be up to par for those looking for an over-the-top luxurious interior. Enter T Sportline.

The shop known for its upscale and often outrageous builds of Tesla vehicles, everything from the Roadster to the Model X, has introduced a custom leather interior option that can be applied to any Tesla Model S or Model X vehicle. The company uses "luxurious and durable" full grain Nappa leather leather similar to OEMs, and offers a range of unique color options for buyers to choose from.

Though the company doesn’t specify how much a full leather interior will cost on top of the price of a Model S or Model X, previous examples have been priced upwards of $25,000. This Model X, for example, was listed on eBay with a Bentley-style red leather interior, and included coverage of everything from the lower dash, to the center console, and even the steering wheel. The asking price was $180,000.

Apart from the optional full leather and carbon fiber, T Sportline also offers options a range of accessory color options, everything from brake calipers to a full exterior wrap. The company even recently released first images for a "Carbon Sports Package" for the new Model 3, which will include upgraded 20-inch wheels, carbon fiber trim on the spoiler and rear diffuser, and a full bodykit. No pricing details were given just yet.

Source: T Sportline

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