Ford formally introduced both the Ford C-Max and the Ford Grand C-Max at a press conference in Frankfurt today. Both will be released in Europe, with one coming to North America. Find out which one inside.

Ford introduced two new C-MAX models at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier today.  The Ford C-Max five-seater and the Ford Grand C-Max seven-seat MPV will hit European showrooms by the end of 2010.

Additionally, the Grand C-Max will arrive in North America at the end of 2011 as the Ford Focus C-Max.

Speaking at a press conference in Frankfurt earlier today, Derrick Kuzak, Group VP for Ford Product development, spoke of the MPV's potential in North Americam, especially with current drivers of the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta models.  The Ford exec thinks the company will be able to ring a bell in the marketplace, calling the MPV a fuel efficient vehicle, capable of "capturing 'millenials' and 'gen-xers' as they move to the family life stage."

Unfortunately, the company did not reveal fuel economy ratings for either vehicle.

The company did send out a press release indicating that the vehicles sold in Europe will have a choice between upgraded TDCi diesel engines, and petrol engines.  This includes the use of the new 1.6-liter Ford EcoBoost four-cylinder petrol, which is a direct injection model using a turbocharger.  They say CO2 emissions are 20% lower than comparable engines, but released no statistics to back this up.  A PowerShift six-speed dual-clutch automatic will be available as optional equipment.

There was no mention of engine choice for the North American market.

Both vehicles look very much like they belong to the same lineage in the Ford family, especially with such similar front ends based on the new Fiesta.  Headlights are similar to those seen on the Ford Iosis Max concept.  Clearly, the ride height is higher in the MPV, and its added length fits a third row of seats and dual sliding doors.  The second seating row in the Grand C-Max uses a new folding design, which allows the middle seat to be folded and slid under either of the other two seat.  This effectively creates an aisle for people in the back to easily get out of the van.

The dashboard and layout is similar in both vehicles, using a winged instrument panel that is meant to flow towards the center console.  The "same ergonomic control design" found on the new Fiesta is also used here, with a Sony head unit as the focal point.  Those who pick the manual transmission will find a gearshifted that is mounted higher up than normal.

You can read more about the Ford C-Max five-seater, and the Ford Grand C-Max/Ford Focus C-Max in the press releases below.