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Roman Mica from TFLTruck is among the first journalists, let alone civilians, in the world to drive the United States military’s new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) that replaces the venerable Humvee.

Mica starts out by taking a very bumpy ride in a Hummer over Oshkosh Defense’s test course. After seeing the past, he takes a ride in the firm’s heavy duty M-ATV that hauls larger loads, and finally Mica gets behind the wheel of the JLTV. Unfortunately, the interior still has classified status by the military, so there’s no chance to get a good look inside. 

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The JLTV immediately looks like a far more hardcore vehicle than the Hummer due to a larger size, thick armor, and tiny windows. The original Hummer lacked the necessary amount of armor for handling modern military deployment. Adding more protection reduced the vehicle’s payload and off-road capability. 

Oshkosh Defense designs the JLTV to face the challenges of modern combat. For example, the hull mitigates the blast of mines and improvised explosive devices. It also has Oshkosh’s TAK-4i adjustable suspension that offers an impressive 20 inches of wheel travel. Power comes from a tuned version of General Motors’ Duramax 6.6-liter turbodiesel V8. The latest version of the powerplant produces 445 horsepower (322 kilowatts) in the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, but the JLTV drops this to around 340 hp (254 kW) for maximizing reliability. Once fully loaded, the military truck weighs around 22,000 pounds (9,979 kilograms).

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Oshkosh currently has an order to build somewhat less than 5,000 units of the JLTV. The government makes a decision on full production in December 2018, and thumbs up would mean assembly of around 17,000 of these vehicles, which could expand to around 55,000. The basic configuration of the JLTV costs around $250,000 so there’s a lot of money on the line.

Source: TFL Truck, The Fast Lane Truck Via YouTube

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