They were caught in the Netherlands after a year-long manhunt.

Okay folks, we’ve finally made it. We’re finally at the point where a crazy car stunt scene from the Fast and Furious franchise has morphed into real life. Did a Toyota Supra jump a train, or perhaps someone put an ejection seat in a Dodge Challenger? Or maybe someone jumped a car between skyscrapers? Sadly, none of the above. But there is a gang of Romanians who got busted in the Netherlands for allegedly stealing electronics out of a loaded truck – while it was still moving.


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The story comes to use from Gizmodo, and it’s complete with night vision surveillance video shot by a police helicopter of the crew in action. Driving a modified van, the highway robbers pull close enough to the back of the truck so a dynamic duo can climb out through the sunroof and open up the rear door. One person works the truck latch while the other makes sure he doesn't fall off, and voila, the truck’s contents are laid open for the taking.

This particular video doesn’t show the reported electronic theft, which totaled nearly $600,000 worth of iPhones. For reasons unknown, this particular night saw the team open a truck, then back off without claiming any spoils of war. Perhaps it was just a training run, or maybe the truck was empty. In the end it doesn’t matter – these guys clearly took a page from the Fast and Furious playbook and executed it, right and proper.

The team was caught after a year-long manhunt, with police finding the aforementioned iPhones in the crew's hideout in Otterlo, a small village in the Netherlands. Nearby was a museum that contains one of the largest Van Gogh paint collections in the world, raising speculation that the team was planning a heist of some paintings as well.

If things stick to the script, we can expect a former federal agent and the sister of one of the gang members to attempt a rescue soon. That is, unless a secret branch of the Romanian government has already recruited the gang to track down Jason Statham, in exchange for pardons and perhaps a rickety house in Los Angeles. 

Source: Gizmodo