Unique event will host some of his most famous designs.

Legendary engineer and designer Gordon Murray will open an exhibition bringing together 50 years of his groundbreaking work. The best part? Everyone’s invited.

Hosted at a brand-new facility in Dunsfold, England, the event will initially be invitation only, but later a detailed virtual tour will cover almost every car he has had a hand in. Brabham and McLaren Formula 1 cars, innovative concept cars and one-off creations will all be in attendance. Professor Murray’s best known creation, the McLaren F1 supercar, will play a starring roll.

Gordon Murray

The McLaren F1 was launched in 1992 and became the world’s fastest road production car with a top speed of 240 miles per hour (386 kilometers per hour). It took until 2005 for the Bugatti Veyron to take the high speed crown. The F1 features a 6.1-liter V12 engine built by BMW. 627 horsepower (468 kilowatts) propels the McLaren from 0-60 mph (97 kph) in 3.2 seconds.

Murray said: “It will be a very proud and emotional day to see all these cars brought together, as they chart my professional life, as well as my perspective over the decades on complex challenges in vehicle design and engineering.”

After the exhibition, the Dunsfold facility will be outfitted with everything Murray and his design team need. It will become their HQ for design, production, and development of future cars.

Gordon Murray
Gordon Murray

One of Murray’s biggest projects he is currently working on is the OX. This simple yet rugged design offers a low cost way of carrying people and aid in the developing world. What’s so revolutionary about the OX? It comes as an easy to assemble flat package meaning the vehicle is cheap to produce and transport.

To add an extra dose of excitement on the opening day, Friday November 3, Gordon Murray will announce an all-new vehicle.

Source: Gordon Murray Design Ltd

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